DOT Certified Physicals


We at Doylestown Family Medicine have been trained and certified to perform DOT physical exams helping to insure that drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) are physically and mentally fit improving highway safety for all. 

Our certified physician will perform your exam which will include a:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Urinalysis
  • Measurement of your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate
  • And a review of your lung, vision and hearing function


The U.S Department of Transportation requires that anyone applying for, or with a, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), must pass this exam a minimum of every two years. 

Doylestown Family Medicine makes it easy and convenient to take your DOT exam: 

  • We are conveniently located in Doylestown, PA
  • Call our office to schedule or request an appointment on line on our website
  • Assuming you pass the exam, you will leave with your Medical Examination Report and your DOT medical card

If you are an employer, who needs DOT examinations completed on an ongoing basis for your employees, look no further than Doylestown Family Medicine. We are committed to getting your drivers on the road quickly and safely.  Contact us at 215-230-7800 or send an email to to set up an account with us today.


Fee Schedule


Certification Exam (includes urinalysis and vision checks)


Follow-up in less than 6 months to complete certification              


Pulmonary Function Test (if needed)


Audiology Test (if needed)



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